Motion responsive toy



A toy (10) may include a housing (40), an electromagnetic-field sensor (18), an output (26), a controller (22), and/or a source of an electromagnetic field (14). The housing (40) may be adapted to be supported on a support surface (42). In some examples, the housing (40) may support the field sensor (18) in a fixed orientation or position relative to the support surface (42). In some examples, the field sensor (18) may be adapted to produce a signal (20) having a magnitude representative of a change in a field (14) passing through the sensor (18). In some examples the output (26) may have a changeable sensible output. The controller (22) may be adapted to operate the output (26) to have different outputs for different magnitudes of the signal (20). The source (12) of the field (14) may be moveable by a user relative to the sensor (18) to expose the sensor (18) to a field (14) that changes according to the movements of the source (12) by the user.




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