Heat plate for welding the pipe with multi-walls and the method for welding the same


  • Inventors: RYU DUCK-HEE
  • Assignees: 李普荣
  • Publication Date: August 08, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-101014459-A


Disclosed herein is a device and method, preventing water from leaking to the outside of a multiple wall pipe, or a hollow part in a pipe wall, and forcibly correcting differences in inside and outside diameters between pipes provided on opposite ends of a joint, and simultaneously correcting circularity of the pipe. The heat plate includes a disc, a circular groove provided on an outer surface of a side of the disc and having a V-shaped cross-section with a flat bottom, and a heat source inserted in the disc. A method of joining a multiple wall pipe includes inserting an end of the cut multiple wall pipe into a V-shaped groove of the heat plate, heating and fusing the end of the cut multiple wall pipe by applying electricity to the heat plate, and compressing and cooling the cut multiple wall pipe after the heat plate is removed.




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