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US-3869042-A: Inspecting and stacking machine for containers patent, US-4582810-A: Immuno-agglutination particle suspensions patent, US-4810749-A: Polyurethanes patent, US-4872994-A: Method and apparatus for removing organic liquids from water patent, US-4939399-A: Series-wound electrical rotating field machine having integrated radial loop coils and drum coils patent, US-4948596-A: Method of purifying polydextrose and composition containing same patent, US-5534606-A: Rigid cycloolefin copolymer film patent, US-5657605-A: Metal lattice patent, US-5948550-A: Magnetoresistive film patent, US-6007905-A: Wave absorber and method for production thereof patent, US-6462746-B1: On screen display memory structure in a digital video display unit and method therefor patent, US-6620753-B2: Dielectric ceramic, process for producing the same and multilayer ceramic capacitor patent, US-4375085-A: Dense electrically alterable read only memory patent, US-5569344-A: Methods of producing structurally reinforced thermoplastic-fabric composite contruction material that are moldable patent, US-5670460-A: Method and composition for enhancing hydrocarbon production from wells patent, US-6071763-A: Method of fabricating layered integrated circuit patent, US-6156441-A: Easily tearable biaxially oriented polyester film patent, US-4155785-A: Process of making a radiation responsive device patent, US-4843959-A: Producing piles of serially-indexed papers from a plurality of unindexed imprints patent, US-4858706-A: Diamond drill bit with hemispherically shaped diamond inserts patent, US-5039052-A: Portable weapon rack patent, US-5418308-A: Random copolymers of propylene and non-conjugated diene or triene patent, US-5421227-A: Method of subdividing webs patent, US-5804878-A: Electronic circuit patent, US-5972335-A: Wound healing patent, US-6274380-B1: Cacnglike3 polynucleotides and expression systems patent, US-6586398-B1: Chemically modified novel erythropoietin stimulating protein compositions and methods patent, US-6599637-B1: Silicon nitride composite substrate patent, US-4277837-A: Personal portable terminal for financial transactions patent, US-4556099-A: Abnormality detection and type discrimination in continuous casting operations patent, US-4922774-A: Cutting device for cutting a strip of unvulcanized rubber patent, US-5639667-A: Process and device for monitoring by periodic excitation a flow of particles in a pipe patent, US-5888295-A: Method of forming a silicon film patent, US-5932987-A: Variable step rate precision pumping apparatus patent, US-6261639-B1: Process for hot-rolling stainless steel patent, US-6387705-B1: Alkylation process using refractive index analyzer patent, US-6414453-B1: Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle patent, US-4177743-A: Seedling transplanter patent, US-4374011-A: Process for fabricating non-encroaching planar insulating regions in integrated circuit structures patent, US-4461343-A: Plated heat pipe patent, US-4544632-A: Human T cell lines and method of producing same patent, US-5141295-A: Brake power booster with diaphragm position sensing devices patent, US-5366939-A: Gradient index optical element patent, US-5605626-A: Plate sieve changer patent, US-5893407-A: Air conditioner patent, US-4880373-A: Tablet press patent, US-6415059-B1: Data compression patent, US-4097028-A: Method of melting and apparatus therefor patent, US-4627945-A: Method of manufacturing an injection molded refractory shape and composition thereof patent, US-6057230-A: Dry etching procedure and recipe for patterning of thin film copper layers patent, US-6478982-B1: Ferrite magnet powder and magnet using the magnet powder, and method for preparing them patent, US-4452745-A: 9-Aminoalkylfluorenes patent, US-5794865-A: Rotary crusher/reclaimer for reclaiming and reclassifying sand and related aggregates from lump materials patent, US-5904909-A: Methods for removing and decomposing methyl bromide from fumigation patent, US-6542944-B2: Method and apparatus for balancing workloads among paths in a multi-path computer system based on the state of previous I/O operations patent, US-4879592-A: Camera with two-bladed shutter mechanism with multiple filter apertures disposed for relative movement to provide sequential color separation exposures patent, US-5053682-A: Power supply for microwave discharge light source patent, US-5692861-A: Method and device for making dovetail and pin pattern plates patent, US-5791635-A: Fence post with anchor patent, US-5051981-A: Digital filtering patent, US-4504891-A: Fluorescent lamp system patent, US-5873948-A: Method for removing etch residue material patent, US-6655471-B2: Impact tool control method and apparatus and impact tool using the same patent, US-4618081-A: Apparatus for mounting flashlights to bicycles patent, US-5579182-A: Apparatus for recording digital signals superposed with controlled frequency components patent, US-5937032-A: Testing method and apparatus for verifying correct connection of curcuit elements patent, US-6323187-B1: Therapeutic dinucleotide and derivatives patent, US-6509629-B2: Power module patent, US-4837012-A: Hair reviver composition containing film-forming amino acids patent, US-6108052-A: Automatic tuning apparatus for a video tape recorder patent, US-6475785-B1: Single-chain polypeptides comprising troponin I N-terminal fragments and troponin C patent, US-6180562-B1: Compositions for protecting plants from frost and/or freeze and methods of application thereof patent, US-5950099-A: Method of forming an interconnect patent, US-6368454-B1: Method of making soft bulky single ply tissue patent, US-6369539-B1: Motor drive controller for vehicle patent, US-6168777-B1: Methods for treating prostate tumors using radioactive compositions patent, US-4950171-A: Fuel injector connector system patent, US-5462669-A: Method for dissolved air floatation and similar gas-liquid contacting operations patent, US-6360429-B1: Method for producing a magnetic head patent, US-6054076-A: Accumulator head blow molding machine and method patent, US-5858859-A: Semiconductor device having a trench for device isolation fabrication method patent, US-4771015-A: Method for producing an electronic device having a multi-layer structure patent, US-5674039-A: System for transferring articles between controlled environments patent, US-6101775-A: Aerated flooring systems patent, US-5368391-A: Method and apparatus for high resolution analysis patent, US-6452058-B1: Oxidative halogenation of C1 hydrocarbons to halogenated C1 hydrocarbons and integrated processes related thereto patent, US-5929750-A: Transmission network and filter therefor patent, US-5306399-A: Electrochemical exchange anions in decontamination solutions patent, US-6440713-B1: Methods and compositions for suppressing growth of pathogenic microbes patent, US-6413660-B1: High-strength dental restorations patent, US-5369147-A: Cured unsaturated polyester-polyurethane hybrid highly filled resin foams patent, US-6513728-B1: Thermal spray apparatus and method having a wire electrode with core of multiplex composite powder its method of manufacture and use patent, US-6534055-B1: Methods for selectively stimulating proliferation of T cells patent, US-5479390-A: System for recording digital information in a pulse-length modulation format patent, US-6121235-A: Treatment of balance impairments patent, US-6343062-B1: Optical disk device and optical disk for recording and reproducing high-density signals patent, US-6458851-B1: Combinations of ileal bile acid transport inhibitors and cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitors for cardiovascular indications patent, US-3704157-A: Coated article and method of making same patent, US-420535-A: Perforating device patent, US-4426248-A: Process for coating rifle tubes patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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